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faewyck montage

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Busy busy busy

Well as usual it's been eons since I last posted. We have been crazy busy finishing up the remodel to get the guest room and bath done before my son's wedding.
Well, "finishing the remodel" is a funny, coz that's never done, but finally the house is at least guest ready.
Here's the guestroom - I made the upholstered headboard, bedskirt, pillow covers, and rag quilt. Also built the bed frame! (hubby's help on that one). Got it done in record time thanks to excellent project plans from www.ana-white.com.
...also made the fun anchor art on reclaimed wood. Cool project!

The stud walls are up and finished, along with the DIY barn doors that separate the workshop from the downstairs hall and bath.

Cutting, finishing, and installing all that reclaimed wood was quite a project, but am so glad we did it...adds some character and the cost was seriously next to nothing.
Next step - stenciling the concrete floor. I've seen some amazing work with floor stencils, and of course now I just have to try it.

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