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faewyck montage

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tsk tsk

So I am totally neglecting my blog...just like I feared I would. *sigh*
Lots has been happening here of late, though....just not so much with cloth dolls or fiber art.
We started a pretty extensive renovation/remodel/update of basically the entire house about a year ago, and being an avid DIYer, a lot of the work has fallen to me. I do enjoy the process...it's another creative outlet, but it's a major time sucker for sure. That's just the way of it with renovations - if you want to spend less $, ya gotta spend more time. I can finally see the proverbial light, and look forward to more time in the studio finishing dolls instead of finishing reclaimed lumber. Not that I mind doing that, I just miss my little people too.
Here's a small sampling of the DIY stuff:

Wall ledges built from 1 X 2s and 1 X 3s

New cabinets
New glass tile backsplash
New slip covers for the provincial loveseat. I used a graphic from The Graphics Fairy , enlarged it, then transferred it to fabric treated with bubble jet set.
Pillow covers using more graphics from The Graphics Fairy
Chalk painted cabinet
Reclaimed lumber wall
These pine boards were from giant crates that housed some sort of HVAC units delivered to my husband's job site. They were free for the taking so we dismantled the crates, cut up the lumber and loaded it all in the Outback.
 (still not finished, but it's on the wall!)


  1. Wow, I'm so glad you posted pics. Funny how things change when you become an empty nester. I love it all! That is a lot of work and you have out done yourself. ;)

  2. Have just looked over your pics again. I truly you have found your calling. Will come do mine next. LOL